Re-Wired LED Dance Show

Step into a futuristic world

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in zero gravity with FX Entertainment’s Re-Wired LED Dance Show! Prepare to be whisked away on an interstellar journey with our Future Fem dancers and mind-bending LED Robots – each moment curated to perfection. Dive into the heart of the show, a spectacle where electrifying LED lights weave seamlessly with the artistry of our virtuoso performers. Together, they create a mesmerising universe, ensnaring the senses and elevating your audience to realms untold.


The Re-Wired LED Dance Show incorporates costuming with multiple colour changes and lighting effects. The show kicks off with our enchanting LED Fan sequence. As the dancers move in perfect synchrony, you can feel the energy and excitement building up in the air. Their movements are like poetry in motion, captivating the senses – a visual feast that transports one to another dimension

Stepping next into the spotlight, our Future Fem dancers give off the smoothness of Dua Lipa as they captivate the audience. Their performance showcases the dedication of the dancers to their craft, which shines through in every eye-catching movement.

Following these radiant dancers. an LED POI performance takes over with a burst of colour and bright neon lights. Their performance can be customised to showcase a logo, hashtag, or special message.

Wrapping up the entertainment, the LED Robot Dancers command attention with their larger-than-life presence and passion for their craft. With every twist and turn, these dancers exude confidence and style, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

You’ve got options!

Each act in the Re-Wired LED Dance Show can be booked solo. Want to mix it up and create your own custom show? No problem. Take your pick and own the stage, one act at a time. It’s all about you!

Future Fem

Immerse your guests in a vibrant display of futuristic beauty with our intriguing Future Fem LED dancers. With their illuminated costumes offering a broad spectrum of colours, they are the perfect addition for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday bash, a family festival, or a corporate futuristic-themed soirée.

From brilliant white to bold intergalactic patterns, the visual display of the LED costumes is nothing short of spectacular.

With the flick of LED fans and a catchy soundtrack, our Future Fem LED Dancers will transport the audience to another dimension. It’s like stepping into a sci-fi movie where light and sound collide.


When it comes to bringing energy and vibrancy to an event, nothing quite compares to the magic of FX Entertainment’s LED Poi performance.

Dressed in sparkling crystals that catch the light, our artists bring a unique charm, fascinating the spectators with their ethereal presence. As they twirl their poi with precision and skill, guests will be drawn in by their graceful movements. Each twist and turn is carefully choreographed to create an alluring display of intricate patterns that are woven in the air!

LED Robots

Get ready to be transported into a world where technology meets art, and robots come to life! FX Entertainment’s LED Robot dancers will command the stage with their electrifying performances, guided by the innovative choreography of local hip-hop legends.

Watch these talented performers defy gravity with futuristic moves and vivid neon lighting effects that make them appear weightless.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a private party, these performers will generate energy and excitement that will turn your venue into a cosmic wonderland!

The LED robots were AMAZING! Everyone loved them. It brought a great vibe to the start of the show on both days. The crew were lovely as well.
Tina Morris


Elevate your event with our dynamic performers who go beyond the stage. They transcend the boundaries of traditional entertainment, creating a space where guests become part of the show.

Picture the thrill of being swept up in a dance routine, the joy of sharing a laugh with a stranger, or the excitement of creating a spontaneous masterpiece together.

From impromptu conversations to candid photo ops, our performers redefine audience participation, turning passive observers into enthusiastic collaborators in the experience.

Be sure to explore our LED Roving Performers for even more captivating entertainment options.


Light up your event with an electrifying performance that promises more than just entertainment – it promises an unforgettable experience. Don’t let this luminous opportunity pass you by!