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Prepare for the romance, glitz, grandeur and glory of Yes They Can Can-Can! – a cabaret act that is inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s revolutionary film. Where bohemians and aristocrats rub elbows, this tribute to the theatrical musical invites you to enter a world of splendour, celebration and beauty. From seductive Parisian beauties to the crazy screams of our Can-Can dancers, your event will be one to remember!


Complete with famous soundtracks, this timeless dance show is brilliantly choreographed with plenty of energetic high kicks!
Our perky Can-Can dancers dressed in vibrant costumes will deliver an abundance of energy that will surely have your guests’ attention. The guests can even join in the excitement – Everybody Can Can-Can!!
Thanks very much, the dancers were absolutely fabulous and you were all really great to work with. We even had a photo of them in the paper, the Herald Sun on Sunday. We’ll get a pack of the media clippings from our PR team and I’ll forward those onto you to keep.

Thanks Re-Arna, they were perfect for our event.



Great Australian Beer Festival 2017

Can Can Dancer lifting up leg highHISTORY OF CAN-CAN DANCERS

The Can-Can is a playful but physically demanding performance. The dance first appeared in the early 19th century. It was considered quite scandalous – those who performed it were frowned upon and considered to be of loose moral fibre. Although the dance was deemed extremely inappropriate by ‘respectable’ society, it soon emerged from the working-class dance halls into the mainstream.
Female Can-Can dancers wore contrasting black stockings and were extravagant in the display of their underwear. They would lift and manipulate their skirts, then bend over throwing the skirts over their backs. It is however a myth that the Can-Can was performed without underwear!
A Can-Can dancer would sometimes approach a man to bet that she could take off his hat without using her hands. She would then release a high kick that would knock the hat off while giving him a cheeky, fleeting glance under her dress. It was also a strong reminder that anyone taking unwanted liberties with a dancer could expect a kick in the face!



FX Entertainment’s Yes They Can Can-Can! show is ideal for multicultural and French-themed events, particularly those on Bastille day. We can also customise the show for corporate and private events.

The dance show is a lively event opener. The full show length ranges from 12 to 15 minutes, and can even extend to 20 minutes with live singing. The dancers can meet and greet guests upon arrival too.

A minimum of four Can-Can dancers are required for the show, and depending on the size of the venue, we recommend 6-10 performers for high impact. These can comprise both, male as well as female dancers. Even a large area can appear filled with the colour and movement of the large Can-Can skirts.


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Mor Events had organised our business launch with French theme and had hired Parisian performers from Re-Arna. I was very happy with my decision to go with them as they did a super fabulous performance. More than that, the team was friendly with smiling faces. They were without a doubt highlight of my event. We at Mor Events will definitely be looking to work with them again in near future. Thank you for providing us with professional and excellent customer service.

Mor Events


Invite your guests to experience the exhilarating enchantment of the Can-Can Dancers.