24K Gold Mirror Couple

24K Gold Mirror Couple

Going For The Gold – An FX Entertainment Original

If you’re wondering how you can bring the Midas touch to a rhinestone world, you’ve certainly come to the right place! FX Entertainment has a gilt-edged offering for all your gilded needs: The 24K Gold Mirror Couple.

The 24K Gold Mirror Couple are rated far above other performers and shows when it comes to their special sparkle and spectacular splendour. They are the only one of their kind in all of Australia – these dazzling performers are worth their weight in gold! Glitzy and glorious with their gleaming glamour, you can expect our mesmerising duo to make your event sensational for all the right reasons.

A Golden Opportunity

The 24K Gold Mirror Couple are the ideal choice for gold-themed parties like golden jubilees, Hollywood Oscar-themed events, and anniversary celebrations (amongst others). They are an overture to opulence for high-end product launches. They magnify the lustre and luminescence of jewellery shops. They take furniture shop openings to the next level in luxury, add tantalizing appeal to penthouse open houses, and are perfect for any event theme that involves royalty.

Our golden lovebirds are also exceptionally popular at weddings. And the magic does not just end with the duo – their performances are compatible with and have included, the artistic airs of a live violinist, the mellowing melodies of an accompanying harpist, and even the lavish languor of a saxophone player. Whether you decide to accompany them with musicians or not, they will still grab the imagination of all your guests with their glittering costumes and graceful moves.

It is not difficult seeing why this couple is an Instagram sensation. They are truly unique, and the authenticity of their high-end entertainment is beyond imitation. Some of the brands that have benefited from their golden touch include Dami Em, Zed Real Estate, and Simon Curwood (amongst many more).

​The 24K Gold Mirror Couple Repertoire

The 24K Gold Mirror Couple can highlight the splendour of your event in a number of unmatchable ways. They can meet and greet guests as the visitors arrive at your event. They can pose for one-of-a-kind, memorable photographs that will light up any Instagram feed. They can provide you with the assistance you require for your live product promotions. They can rove through your event space, weaving a glamorous, golden spell across the venue in their gilded costumes.

Striking a balance between poise and playfulness, they can also interact with your guests, providing them with the opportunity to have an experience they will never forget. What stronger way could there be to impress yourself on the minds and memories of your audience?

Our event on Saturday went off without a hitch! Thanks to the team who came out – they were fantastic, super easy to deal with and reliable. They were a great wow factor.
Harry Stobie

1010 Capital


The 24K Gold Mirror Couple can travel to a number of different cities across Australia if you require them to do so. All you need to do is contact us, and we will make sure that your event gets the gold.