Ballet Shows

Melbourne’s Best Ballet Dancers

Dancing to some of the most compelling musical pieces ever written, our traditional ballerinas truly unveil the enchanting art of ballet. The royal heritage of classical ballet is fully evident in the poise and elegance they display in our ballet shows. Through their graceful glides and perfect pirouettes, our light-footed dancers will deliver a performance that your guests will never forget.

In beautiful, carefully crafted costumes, our talented ballerinas use their years of expertise to execute intricate choreography with effortless flair. Their repertoire of ballet shows includes some of the most beloved (and most frequently performed) ballets in the world.


Experience the tantalizing thrill of Swan Lake at your next event when you book our ballerina show. Swan Lake has been performed by some of the most famous ballerinas in the world, and has graced the most exclusive venues of its time. And now FX Entertainment can bring its timeless magic to you with the help of its talented ballerinas.

Our classically-trained ballerinas can be booked to perform a four-minute ballet show set to a rendition of the stirring music of Tchaikovski. In traditional tutus of snowy white, our professional dancers will plie and pirouette with precision and panache, bringing alive every strain of this orchestral masterpiece. The costumes and choreography can include a black swan amongst the white-clad ballerinas.

Swan Lake is a kaleidoscopic mix of mystery and magic, making it the ideal performance to highlight the uniqueness of special occasions like weddings, christenings, and children’s birthday parties. Its long-held synonymity with sophistication and its association with class and culture makes it perfect for corporate events and private luncheons, too.


The Nutcracker is a feast for the senses, and perhaps the most delicious ballet to ever be performed. With its iconic sugar plum fairy and a well-known array of delectable melodies, this classical ballet show has been an international favourite for centuries.

Our talented ballerinas pay full tribute to the piece in their four-minute Nutcracker show. In delightful, sugar-spun costumes of green and pink, the dancers weave their spell of enchantment through the hearts of their enraptured audience.

The Nutcracker ballet show is an ideal performance for any celebratory event. Its cheerful versatility makes it extremely well suited for occasions like children’s birthday parties, christenings, Christmas events and weddings. It is also an excellent choice for more corporate events, bringing just the right touch of merriment to enliven your occasion and entertain your guests.


Our ballet shows are the ultimate expression of artistic entertainment and will make your event utterly unforgettable.