Roving Ballerinas

Make your event unforgettable with our artistic roving ballerinas. With their spectacular costumes and graceful gliding, they will add luminescence to your event that cannot be paralleled.

FX Entertainment offers a wide range of roving ballerinas to fit every genre, theme, or occasion. If your event is fantasy-themed you will find that our Carousel Unicorn ballerinas can deliver the dazzle you demand. If the uniqueness of your event is futuristic in tone and calls for elegance in its execution, our LED Sylphide Ballerinas and Cyborg Sphere ballerinas will bring your brilliance to life. Or if you need aesthetic, artistic harmony you may find it in our classic, self-illuminated Swan Lake ballerinas – our most popular presentation.

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Carousel Unicorn Ballerinas

Our diamanté dancers take fantasy to the next level with their fantastical costumes and exquisite expertise. Merging the mystery and magic of unicorns with the thrill of carnival carousel ponies, our classically-trained ballerinas deliver a delightful performance that nobody else in Melbourne has managed to replicate.

The only Unicorn Ballerinas to be found in Melbourne, these dancers are ideal for royal ball themes, carnival themes, and gold-themed events. They would also be the pinnacle of masquerade themed events. They can move through your event, interacting with guests and posing for pictures. Or they can be stationed strategically within the view and appreciation of your audience.

LED Sylphide Ballerinas

It isn’t easy making technology look mesmerising, but our LED Sylphide Ballerinas manage to do just that with their innovative, illuminated costumes and professional expertise. These starlit sylphs are a sensory marvel in their dazzling diamanté dresses and diaphanous wings. They can be dressed in traditional, stiff tutus or bell-shaped skirts of the Romantic era. Whatever you decide, our glowing ballerinas will emblazon your event on the memories of your guests for years to come.

The LED Sylphide Ballerinas are ideal for sophisticated corporate events. Their unique design is also a great way to project innovativeness at product launches. They add zest and zing to white-themed parties like Christmas celebrations and silver or diamond jubilees. And they are the perfect way to take weddings to the next level.

Winter Wonderland

Bold and brilliant, whimsical and wonderful, extravagant and elegant – it isn’t easy describing our Winter Wonderland ballerinas. Dressed in stunningly opulent organza confections, our eye-catching ballerinas with their heart-stealing performances will really make an impression on your guests.

Our Winter Wonderland ballerinas are particularly useful if you want to make an impact with just one or two roving dancers. You can station the ballerinas at the entrance to your event or let them illuminate your celebration with their roving performance – their enchanting grace will snare your guests whatever you decide.

The Winter Wonderland ballerinas are ideal performers and presenters for white-themed parties. They are particularly lovely when featured as snowflakes for Christmas events or as snow princesses for elaborate children’s parties.

Lolly Table Ballerina

Looking to add a unique touch to your event? Roving tables are perfect for serving canapes, desserts, or even handing out name tags. But if you’re planning a christening, first birthday, or children’s party, the Lolly Table Ballerina is a must-have.

This elegant ballerina will dance on her pointe ballet shoes while offering delicious lollies to all the little guests. It’s a fairytale come to life!

The Lolly Table Ballerina is available in pink, white, and green.


With the eccentric daring that characterises Dali and the endless versatility of Picasso, our Avant-garde Ballerinas are artists in their own right. In quirky costumes of white, black, pink, and green, these roving ballerinas create an entertaining and aesthetic ambience that is certain to make your event a memorable one.
The Avant-garde Ballerinas can take the uniqueness of your event to even higher levels by dancing in the Human Bubble – a gigantic, clear sphere. The Bubble can occupy a single spot in your venue or it can move around your space if you prefer. Both options are perfectly suited to high-end events
The Avant-garde Ballerinas can enhance your event in a number of ways. They can blow bubbles, serve your guests dessert, hand out goodies, dance enchantingly around the venue, take photos with guests, and pose on podiums for artistic effect.

Gold Mirror Ballerina

What glimmers golden with glorious glamour? Our unique, incomparable Golden Mirror Ballerina – the only one you will find in Melbourne!

Dressed from head to toe in a sheath of shimmering, multi-faceted golden mirrors, our stunning ballerina is ideal for gold-themed events and royal ball-themed events. She is perfectly suited to lustrous, regal venues and adds an element of class (undergirded by opulence) to any event she graces.

The Gold Mirror Ballerina is adept at navigating event spaces. Her light glides will take her through your guests who can pose with her for once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Or she could assume a classic ballet stance, and pose as a resplendent golden statue.

LED Gold Roving Ballerinas

Glamorous, glorious, and gleaming from head to toe – it is not difficult to see why our LED Gold Roving Ballerinas are so popular. In sleek suits illuminated with patterns of LED lights, our glittering ballerinas will bring their cosmic magic right into the heart of your event.

Their futuristic accessories heighten the sci-fi effect, including cyborg sphere helmets, golden Isis wings, and gold non-LED liberty headpieces. In addition to their unforgettable performance, the LED Gold Roving Ballerinas can meet and greet your guests, and pose for photographs with them.

Bouquet Ballerinas

In their vivid, varicoloured vibrance, our Bouquet Ballerinas interlace the timeless motif of flowers with the ethereal art of ballet. Their floral dresses and headpieces are professionally-arranged, and are available in a wide range of colours that can complement a number of different colour schemes.

The Bouquet Ballerinas are breathtaking when positioned near a flower wall, by the entrance to a garden, or beside any floral arrangement you chose to have inside or outside your venue. The Bouquet Ballerinas can dance around your event space, pose for unforgettable pictures with people, or even meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the venue.

The Bouquet Ballerinas are ideal for spring racing events, Mother’s Day celebrations, Valentine’s Day celebrations, high-toned luncheons, elaborate children’s parties, and hen parties.


FX Entertainment’s glamorous and radiant LED Cyborg Sphere Ballerinas are another great option.

Complete with LED illuminated sphere helmets, LED ISIS wings and colourful LED lights under the bust, these LED roving dancers will fill your venue with colour! 

With large beaming wings and alternating lights on the helmet and chest, our ballerinas will grab the attention of your guests, who will be lining up for some cool photos with the leggy lovelies!

Costume accessories include LED Glasses, Liberty head-pieces and Cyborg Sphere helmets.


One of our most sensational ballerina acts involves a dainty ballet dancer enclosed within a giant bubble. These ballerinas will effortlessly glide around within these 2.5-meter bubbles creating wondrous delightful entertainment!

Wearing exquisitely designed handmade costumes, their grace and glamour will mesmerise all. The Ballerinas in Bubbles are ideal for filling large spaces – they can slide elegantly around your venue easily or be positioned strategically to allow for all to see and enjoy.



FX Entertainment’s Roving Ballerinas are a fascinating embodiment of sophisticated elegance and grace.