Floral Roving Concepts

Life is a vibrant canvas painted with the beauty of nature, and flowers are the brushstrokes that express love, affection, and adoration. FX Entertainment introduces a unique floral experience that brings these emotions to life at your event.

Imagine a floral medley of living art, where entertainers dressed as Bouquet Ballerinas, Botanic Beauties, and Avant-garde Ballerinas will be in your midst in full bloom! They will gracefully glide among your guests, a fiesta of colours swirling around them, as they serve delectable canapés and hors d’oeuvres.

Adorned with elaborate floral headpieces like a crowning glory, our roving ballerinas are the epitome of resplendence. Their colour-coordinated skirts match the floral theme, adding to the visual spectacle. Let us bring the beauty of nature to your event, and watch as our floral artistes captivate and mesmerize your guests.

Bouquet Ballerinas

In their vivid, varicoloured vibrance, our Bouquet Ballerinas interlace the timeless motif of flowers with the ethereal art of ballet. Their floral dresses and headpieces are professionally-arranged, and are available in a wide range of colours that can complement a number of different colour schemes.

The Bouquet Ballerinas are breathtaking when positioned near a flower wall, by the entrance to a garden, or beside any floral arrangement you chose to have inside or outside your venue. The Bouquet Ballerinas can dance around your event space, pose for unforgettable pictures with people, or even meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the venue.

The Bouquet Ballerinas are ideal for spring racing events, Mother’s Day celebrations, Valentine’s Day celebrations, high-toned luncheons, elaborate children’s parties, and hen parties.


FX Entertainment’s Avant-garde Ballerinas are true artists that bring a touch of magic to any occasion. Their floral headpieces are meticulously crafted and come in a choice of pink, green and white.

Avant-garde Ballerinas know how to strike a pose on those pedestals, adding an extra touch of artistic flair to your event. They can blow bubbles that will transport one to a world of wonder. They can serve your guests dessert with a grace that will leave them speechless. And they love taking pictures with guests, capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Let our Avant-garde Ballerinas elevate your event to new heights of awesomeness.

Botanic Beauties

Bring a burst of vibrant beauty to your next event with our radiant living flowers. The Botanic Beauties will transform any event space into a colourful oasis.

These oversized human flowers are the perfect addition to Spring themed events, garden parties, summer celebrations, and flower shows. With their larger-than-life presence, the Botanic Beauties are impossible to overlook. They will add a touch of elegance and charm to the occasion, and catch the eye of guests as they flock to capture marvellous photos.

Get ready to infuse your next affair with glamour and sunshine. Choose from a variety of individual styles and colours, each one more stunning than the last! Let these iridescent floral rovers transform your event into a blooming paradise.


Whatever your event or theme, leave it to our floral roving performers to craft an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression that will be talked about long after the petals have fallen.