LED Roving Performers

Step into the future with our brilliantly illuminated LED Roving Performers. In thrilling suits that incorporate neoteric light sequences, our mind-boggling dancers move through audiences and interact with patrons to revolutionize your event space.

The dancers are highly versatile and have been engaged to perform at corporate events, product launches, festivals and children’s events. Our roving LED robots even performed, with great success, at the Kids Day Australian Open and the Australian Grand Prix!

LED Dancing and Glow LED costuming is a soaring trend in futuristic entertainment. Browse through our repertoire below to see the wide range of audiences and events they are suited to.

LED Robots

Let our LED Robots launch your guests into orbit with their supersonic moves and their hi-tech suits. LED Robots can deliver a truly electrifying experience with their walkabout routine. Their specialised suits are illuminated by lights in solid colours that rotate at varying speeds. Using moves and music that blend synth and sensibility, our futuristic duo creates a sci-fi experience to remember.

LED Robots are ideal for private parties, corporate events, and weddings. They are skilled minglers – they can encourage guests to join in the dancing and energise your dance floor. Your guests can also pose with them for Insta-worthy pictures.

Can I just personally say a massive THANK YOU to each of you and your performers. They were amazing, so helpful, friendly and so adaptive and responsive to the slight changes to the program (performing/roving schedules). The energy was high, the people loved it and it was such a wonderful event overall.
April Glossop


Straight out of a Schwarzenegger movie, except that these LED Cyborgs are not trained to annihilate, but to thrill you to the core! Our LED Cyborg Showgirl dancers are clad in blue, gold or silver catsuits with transparent-domed helmets that are lined with LED lighting.

LED Cyborg Showgirls are indeed powerful cyborgs who are unstoppable in their futuristic fembot appearance! Prepare yourself for the deadly future when our LED Cyborg Showgirls are unleashed into your event. Expect an explosion of excitement like never before!

Future Fem LED Roving Performers

Add energy and elegance to your next event with our Future Fem LED Roving Performers! Their SFX costumes come in a wide range of colours, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into any theme or event space.

Whether intergalactic white or technicolour bright, their vari-patterned LED costumes are out of this world. The Future Fem costumes merge conservative with contemporary, creating a style that is suitable for birthday parties, family festival events, and futuristic-themed corporate affairs.

Our Future Fem performers can interact with your guests and pose with them for special photos. They can also freestyle to your DJ or band on a podium or stage, with fantastical LED wings that are like nothing on earth.


Be prepared to step into a different realm!

Unlike the indestructible cyborgs from The Terminator or the replicants from The Bladerunner, our LED Gynoid Fembots have been programmed not to kill but to blow your mind away!

These very futuristic female robots are attired in stylised colour-changing flashing costumes complete with hi-tech eyeshades. They can freestyle to your DJ’s compilation, rove in character, as well as meet and greet guests.

LED Gold Roving Ballerinas

Glamorous, glorious, and gleaming from head to toe – it is not difficult to see why our LED Gold Roving Ballerinas are so popular. In sleek suits illuminated with patterns of LED lights, our glittering ballerinas will bring their cosmic magic right into the heart of your event.

Their futuristic accessories heighten the sci-fi effect, including cyborg sphere helmets, golden Isis wings, and gold non-LED liberty headpieces. In addition to their unforgettable performance, the LED Gold Roving Ballerinas can meet and greet your guests, and pose for photographs with them.


Much like Les Sylphides, the classical ballet described as a romantic reverie, FX Entertainment’s beautiful illuminated Sylphs fuse the classical and the corporate. LED Sylphides combines sombre romanticism with stunning LED lights, making the revolutionary imagery of our ballerinas both innovative as well as angelically subversive.

These graceful ballerinas are dressed in white traditional tutus with diamanté and feather embellishments. They bear massive movable ISIS LED wings, which are embedded with dozens of small LEDs that bring about a heavenly glow.

LED Sylphides is ideal for sophisticated corporate events and product launches. LED Sylphides ballerinas are a fantastic option to consider for white-themed parties like Christmas celebrations and silver or diamond jubilees. They also suit a romantic, fairy tale theme for children’s birthdays and weddings.


Add a celestial touch to your next event with our futuristic LED Angels. Their intriguing, glittering costumes are works of art, brought alive by their light-studded wings. With incandescent LED halos and large, iridescent wings, our seraphic dancers will brighten everybody’s day. 

Our LED Angels are experienced rovers who can interact with your guests and pose for pictures with them. You can choose between Gold, Silver, and Multicoloured LED Wings and Catsuits depending on your event. The LED Angels can also wear LED visors for a more futuristic effect. Whatever you decide, your event is bound to be a sublime success!


Whether you’re imagining chromium-plated starships, the steely light of interstellar travel, platinum-rich asteroids, or the metallic sheen of cutting-edge technology, you have to admit that the future has a lot of silver in it. That’s what makes our Silver LED Showgirls so perfect for any event with a futuristic theme. With a range of sci-fi accessories that include LED-illuminated halos, LED visors, and silver LED Isis wings, our roving dancers will draw your guests’ attention with warp speed.

The Silver LED Showgirls are brilliant performers who can brighten any event space with their radiance. Your guests will gravitate to them for epic, once-in-a-lifetime pictures faster than you can say ‘hyperdrive’!


Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our cutting-edge LED Roving Performers. Bespoke show options are also available.